Full Version: Walkins Welcome
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Hello, MR. Erfwerm, It is good to see you as a member of this board. My name is Starling and I would like to say you welcome here. I am hopeful that you will spend really a nice time here and other members of the board will also like to welcome you here.

I will start my travel from las vegas
Starlling you are right and like you also want to see him warmly welcome MR. Erfwerm. Hope you will have a nice time here.
Really glad to see you here  MR. Erfwerm and hope will be a cool way to talk with you and know more about each other.  Welcome here buddy and happy to have you here. 
It is good to see that both of you members liked to say welcome to MR. Erfwerm on this community. I am hopeful he will like it and spend a good time on the board. Anyways, Guys, Would you share here something about your hobbies?