Full Version: Original members!!!
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What's poppin, fam??
Shit, I was a member back in the day. I wonder how many other OGs we can get back here.

Anyways, I'm Cem. Aka CemetaryGirlMCL. Same name from way back. Just rejoined. Didn't know the site was back up and running and luckily came across a post on fb that brought me back.

Keep it wicked, Fam. ❤ 
Welcome back Cem! I completely forgot how long I've been on MJS. I suppose I'd be old school by now, I mean I am pretty old. HA!
Lmao hell yeah. I was 17 when I originally joined. I'm turning 26 next week. I'm getting old af!!!
Haha... ha. I'm in my thirties >.> It's all downhill from there lol. I want to say I joined before 2010 because we went to the '10 GOTJ and knew a shitton of ninjas from MJS.
Shit. I remember all the old MJS chatters.

And so many more. Damn.
Lol I completely forgot about perfect and Newport. I met a lot of people because of mjs. It's weird for me to think about what I would of done with my free time if I didn't have mjs to visit. This site was a huge part of my life back in the day. Glad to see some of the og members are returning. I wonder who else will pop up?
Dunno. I don't really talk to any of them. I may be able to reach newp, but I doubt he would join.
And very true. This site WAS my life back in the day. Lol.
Remember Zing? He created juggalove.com back on the day lol
I doubt both perfect and Newport would join. For some reason we never saw eye to eye lol. I do remember zing. I remember the juggalove commercial too. Lol I wonder what he's up to now a days.
Yeah, Matt and Rich both kind of moved on with their lives. I talk to rich (Newport) one in a great while. Don't talk perfekt anymore.
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