Full Version: Winter events and festivals in Niagara
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Can you tell me something about Winter events and festivals in Niagara? I have a plan to go there with trip from new york to niagara falls and love to spend some time with mates. So, If you know can share here frankly. I am sure there will be informative posts for me. 
Clifford, I would love t say that Winter Festival of Lights is going to start at Niagara Falls, It is really a nice festival in which several of lights shine around the falls on different models. The festival will start on the 18 November 2017 and will end on January 31, 2018.

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I will say that you have shared such a nice kind of stuff here about this destination. I will must go on the tour of Niagra falls and will enjoy the Winter Festival of Lights there. This will be so9 nice for me and I will get great fun by taking this tour surely. Starling! Your shared stuff is so nice to me and will be good for Clifford Clifford too.
Teresa, I am feeling really happy to know that my shared information about the Winter Festival of Lights proved really useful and helpful for you. I am sure this will be great for you to attend this festival and have a fun time while seeing the lights.
Clifford! There are lots of events which you can enjoy at Niagara fall like
Laser Light Shows
Fallsview Sound & Light Show
Opening Ceremonies
I suggest you will enjoy there and like this sharing.